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3 Month Old Isabel and 20 Month Old Jackson!
October 27, 2010, 7:34 pm
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Isabel is 3 months old today!

Isn't she just precious!

I love her eyelashes

Well in normal Isabel fashion, she is still very BIG!

Birth Weight and Length – 10lbs 6 oz and 22 1/2″ long

1 Months – 13 lbs and 23″ long

2 Months – 15 lbs 4 oz and 25″ long

3 Months – 17 lbs and 25 3/4″ long – Putting her off the charts still at the avg weight of a 6 month old and length of a 7 month old

Isabel is getting so fun lately. ¬†She can very efficiently roll to her side but cannot make it over all the way because of her arm ūüôā ¬†She tries so hard to flip and then just gets angry. ¬†She will tolerate tummy time for very short intervals as long as she is well rested. ¬†She likes to eat every 2-3 hours during the day and sleeps from about 7-7 without breaks on most nights! I have her taking her longest nap while Jackson naps. ¬†Most days that works out so wonderful for me to have a little time to myself dedicated to sewing most of the time and an occasional blog. ¬†If any of you had or have a baby that has tummy issues please comment and give me tips on how to help soothe her ūüė¶ ¬†She likes the tummy massage and the gas drops work so so, but some days that just doesn’t cut it. ¬†Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

How Isabel falls to sleep!

Isabel is great at falling asleep on her own as long as I lay her in her crib while she is happy but getting tired. ¬†Lately when I peek in to see if she is alseep yet this is what she is doing to soothe herself to sleep!! ¬†I took this pic while I was trying to play with her and when I saw that I knew she must be tired…sure enough I laid her down and 5 minutes later she was out.


We took Jackson to the Dr yesterday. ¬†He woke up from his nap on Monday with 102 fever! ¬†He has been soo grumpy the past few days and I figured he had to be sick. ¬†We took him in on Tuesday and they¬†couldn’t¬†find anything wrong. ¬†They did say however that he is getting all 4 of his pointy incisor teeth in at once ūüė¶ ¬†Poor baby. ¬†I did see that 1 is poking through this morning though. ¬†Hopefully this will not last too much longer. ¬†He seems so uncomfortable. ¬†Here is a sneak peek of his Halloween costume…

Any guesses....

We did however have a fun day at the park on Sunday

Jacksons favorite guy around

On another note…I snapped a picture on my phone the other day of our yard. ¬†I think it is looking so great. ¬†We have done a lot of work on it over this last year, putting in a french drain, sprinkler system, cleared out the beds, and added mulch ūüôā

All of our hard work paying off!



Jackson and a few of his best friends…
October 26, 2010, 7:46 pm
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Jackson loves animals right now.  He loves playing with them, reading about them, hearing about them etc.  Here are all the animals in the house that he currently has a name for.  Not to mention despite us telling us what they were called HE came up with all of his own names!

For some reason I can’t get the video to upload, so hop on over to my facebook to view it…


In case you are not fluent in baby language I will help translate…From right to left we have: ( first Jacksons Name, then what we tried to call it)Gugu – SnugglesOoo Ahh – MonkeyElmo – ElmoOoo Ahh – MonkeyOppy, formerly known as Oc pu – OctopusRawr!! – LionIppo – HippoTay-ee – TeddyOoo Ahh – Monkey
As you can tell, Jackson is much more original than us ūüôā

2 months old
October 7, 2010, 9:04 pm
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Well this is a little over a week late, but Isabel turned two months old on the 27th of August. ¬†She is staying consitant with being a big girl…

15lbs 4 oz – off the charts

26″ long – off the charts-

The Dr said that she was the size of an  average 5 1/2 month old

Jackson was pretty chunky until about 6 months because he started crawling and moving so much that he slimmed down.  However he was never in the higher percentages for length.  So I was surprised to hear that Isabel was so long!

Let’s see…some things about Isabel :

She is getting some pretty eye lashes

She loves to suck her thumb

A little better angle

She has a very sweet smile

...I told you!

She's not so sure about me putting things on her head

Isn't she precious!


You are such a precious little girl! ¬†Your daddy and me love you so much. ¬†Your little brother thinks that you are really great too. ¬†He has started saying “Bay Gur, Bay Guy Bay Gur”…Hold finger up to mouth…Shhh! Translation – Baby girl don’t cry. ¬†He loves to give you kisses on your head, and bring you your paci. ¬†You are now enjoying watching him run around like a little mad man and smiling in approval. ¬†You are the most amazing sleeper I have ever heard of. ¬†You tend to go down around 6:45-7:45 and sleep till about 6 in the morning!!!! ¬†It is pretty insane, and I almost feel guilty admitting it to other moms. ¬†You definitely are making things easy on us. ¬†You like to smile and coo at daddy in the morning when we snuggle in bed together as he gets ready for work and we wait for Jackson to wake up. ¬†You really like your mobile that was passed down from your big brother. ¬†You get angry when it stops and coo in delight when it moves. ¬†You like to eat about every 2 1/2 – 3 hours during the day, take a lot of naps, and have short periods of watching and learning what goes on in this house of ours. ¬†I can’t wait to see what new things you will do each day as you are changing so much every minute. ¬†I have to make sure and slow down enough to take in your ever changing personality every day so I can remember each of these stages forever.

I love you sweet girl,



Book Slings and Halloween!
October 6, 2010, 8:09 pm
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My friends Staci and Bethany told me about this idea, and my mind just started racing with ideas!

Here are a few of the things that inspired me…

  1. Jackson LOVES books.
  2. He loves putting things inside of something and taking them out over and over
  3. I was planning on buying a “facing out” book shelf so he could see the covers of the books
  4. I want Isabel and Jackson to share a room at some point in the future, so I’ve been trying to think of ways to make it decorated for him and her.
  5. I seem to always be making things for other people, but dont stop and take the time to make things for my own kiddos

So anyways, I dont know that I will be a whole tutorial on this, but I can give a general idea of how to make one if you are interested.  If you are really wanting to make one and need clearer instuctions then you can just comment below and I will give you better directions.

Tools needed for 2 book slings as shown above ¬†–

  • 4 double curtain rods (~$5.00 each at Lowes)
  • 4 dowel rods ( size of the dowel rods depends on the size of your double curtain rods) ¬†mine were about $5.00 for all 4 together.
  • fabric …I got 48″ dowel rods so I bought 50″ of red corduroy and 50″ of blue corduroy. ¬†That way when I hemmed them they would still be close to the same size as the dowel rod.
  • a small peice of contrasting fabric to make your childs initial
  • sewing tools…sewing machine,¬†scissors, thread
  • Drill or screw driver


I don’t really use exact measurements very often with my sewing. ¬†All I knew was that I wanted my sons books to show part of the cover so he could see them. ¬†So how did I decide how deep to make the pockets??? I held a few different sizes of books up to it and made sure that part of the cover was visible on all of them. ¬†I came up with 7″ for a piece folder in half (14″ total)

fancy shmancy measurements

I do not have an¬†embroidery¬†machine so I just traced the letters J and I on a piece of interfacing and ironed it onto my accent fabric. ¬†Then I cut the letter out leaving about a 1/4 ” extra fabric to turn under and stitch onto my sling. ¬†Be sure to stitch your letter on before you sew the fabric together so the stitching wont show through on the opposite side of your sling. ¬†Also make sure to put your letter in a good spot so that half of it doesn’t end up on the back side of your sling.

My I came out a bit better that my J

If your letters don't turn out perfect who cares...that's the beauty of handmade

After your letter is on place, your fabrics together wrong sides facing out and hem the top and bottom of the long sides of your fabric with about a half inch hem.

Once you have hemmed the top and bottom turn your sling right side out and tuck in about an inch of fabric on both ends. ¬†Sew the ends together leaving an open space of about 2″ at the top and bottom to slide your dowel rods in.

Slide your dowel rods in and you have a sling.  All thats left to do is to mount them on your wall with your double curtain rod brackets.

Of course I had to put Brown Bear, Brown Bear in ūüôā

Jackson could care less the entire time I was measuring, drilling, and assembling his new toy, but as soon as he saw me put a book in he ran over and could not stop playing with it.

My friend Chrisy helped me come up with the idea to all a book shelf on top so that I can keep all the books together and rotate new ones in and out every couple of weeks.

I promise this was not staged

The phone on top was a garage sale find I got as a third grader in Snyder, TX

Having books face outwards helps kids that can't read the titles on the spine recognize their favorites

They are easy for him to use

Jackson was having a ball

There are alot of variations you could do on this project…with or without the letter on the front, all 1 pattern fabric rather than 2, make it shorter or longer, etc. ¬† This is just an idea to get your started ūüôā

Oh also I was thinking of other things you could use it for.  You could make some short ones and put them in the bathroom for magazines,  cross word puzzles, or whatever you keep in your bathroom.  Put one up on a kitchen wall for cookbooks.  College students could put one on the wall above your desk to keep your notebooks, and text books in.  The possibilities are endless.

In other news I have been dabbling in a little crotcheting to try and come up with a Halloween costume for Isabel…What do you think?

I'm not sure what it is suppose to be so dont ask...but if you have ideas feel free to comment

Michael says the ears look a bit Shrek like