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Jackson and Isabel…friends at last!
June 20, 2011, 7:08 pm
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I definitely would not say that Jackson ever disliked Isabel.  It was much more of an indifference towards her when she was born.  He just sort of went about his business peering at her out of the corner of his eye and pretending that she was not there.  After about a week he seemed to understand that she was saying so he allowed her to co exist in the house with us.  Over time he enjoyed helping me with things here and there for her and making observations…”Baby Girl need Paci!”  “Baby girl loves Milk!” Baby Girl Crying!!”  Once she became mobile with her ever so efficient army crawl (7 1/2 months) he became a bit fearful of her.  Screaming, “MOMMY!!” and quickly gathering toys and placing them up on something high anytime she moved towards him.

Over the past few weeks however a new trend has started.  They enjoy playing together!  It is the sweetest thing in the world to me and makes me so happy that we had them close together in age and get to watch them be little buddies.  I was very close with my brother when I was younger (still am) and we were also about 17 months apart.  He still is not a big fan of her wanting the toys he is playing with.  He will say, “Baby Girl, play this (points at a lame baby toy) not this (points at his cool dump truck), or Play Mommy, not this (another cool toy.  I’m not quite sure I like the relationships being linked there 😦 , does mommy=the lame toy in this dialogue??  Regardless they are super fun to watch interact.  And we had a major milestone last night.  Michael has been in West Virginia the past few days doing a music gig with Ross. So it has been just Mommy with the kiddos.  Last night after feeding Isabel which Jackson waited patiently through so we could read books, he suddenly had a change of heart.  He no longer wanted to read books.  He wanted to hold her!!  For those of you with two kids and a girl is the eldest of the two you are probably thinking excuse me??  She is how old and he just now wants to hold her?  His little girl friends have asked to hold her many times and many of them have held her.  Jackson however has NEVER had ANY interest in hold her.  We had this one posed moment right after she was born.

Looks adorable, but I'm pretty sure we were just cracking jokes to make him look like he was happy

Then there was the pictures Steph Lee took for us.  We tried to have him hold her…that did not go over well.  So instead we opted to put them in a chair together and let him squirm away while Steph quickly got a pic of us.  I think it turned out so adorable and I love this it captured Isabel interest and Jacksons lack of.

Last night I was going to set her down on the floor to crawl around but he said, “I take her??” with arms outstretched.  I quickly said OK, and let him take her in his arms while I helped to support her.  He was very pleased.  I asked if he wanted to get in the rocking chair and hold her and he said yes.  So he climbed up and I sat him in her lap.  I had to restrain her arms to keep her from clawing his face, pulling out his hair, and traumatizing him to never want to touch her again, but other than that they both loved it!  He has already asked to hold her 3 more times since then. I am so happy to see their relationship developing.  Moments like that make all the hard ones worth it.

Playing on the porch

In their fort

In her room

At the store (first time to share the front baskets!)

Greeting her awake after naps

I love you two so much!  I know you will go through times when you fight and argue and don’t want to be friends, but I hope that you will always be close and have each other to turn to and lean on through good times and bad.





3 Months of eating healthy!
June 8, 2011, 2:22 am
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Today marks 3 months that Michael and I have been eating healthy.  Michael kind of had a jump start and was already trying to eat better, but he kicked it up a notch and joined me when I was ready to make some changes.  My sister Lori, her husband Jeff, my mom, and our friends Amanda and Jeremy were all doing weight watchers and we were seeing them losing a lot of weight and yet not having a diet control their life in a negative way.  Out of all of them only 1 is actually doing full out weight watchers where you go to the meetings once a week and pay for a membership which made me even more interested that it was something I could do with a low budget and not a lot of extra time.

Anywho, I knew I needed to do something to help me make better choices about portions and cutting back desserts so 3 months ago we decided to give it a try.  We are not going to meetings or paying for a membership.  We pretty much just have a point “slider” that tells you how many points different foods are and an app on our phone to let us know how many points we have left throughout the day.  I have never been a fan of diets that make you think about food all day long, count every calorie, avoid all sweets, or all carbs, etc.  I also knew however that I needed some help with portion sizes, cutting back on fatty foods, and desserts.  So we decided to give it a try.  I have to say I am really loving it.  I love that I can still eat dessert if I want to and most nights we do have something before bed like a couple cookies, popcorn, or cereal.  I also love that I am learning to make better choices for myself and the foods I cook for my family.

As of today I have lost 15lbs, and almost 10″ overall on my body!  I am not one to brag about my weight, but we have worked very hard and I am very happy about the results. I am also about to start a month membership doing Zumba.  I will let you all know how that goes. 🙂

I didn’t really have a before shot, but I found a picture of me and Jackson at his birthday back in February a couple weeks before I started, and one from Thanksgiving.


Back at Thanksgiving


I got Michael to take one for me

And of course I will let you see a couple pictures of the kids.

Real men drink from pink cups.

Playing on the porch

Playing while Isabel naps