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Happy Birthday Isabel!
July 29, 2011, 8:56 pm
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Isabel is 1 year old.  I can hardly believe it.  She seems so small and baby like to me, but nonetheless….her birthday is here.  I don’t even know where to begin on summarizing the last year.  It has been amazing, rewarding, difficult, draining, fun, full of new adventures, the most of I have ever had to depend on God, and all totally worth it.

One year ago I was in the hospital being induced after waiting 16 days past my due date for you to arrive, Baby Girl.  I remember my friend Amanda asking “what do you think this is going to mean about her personality…her making you all wait this long?”  Well I can definitely say your desire to wait and do things your way and in your timing has been quite the trend for this first year.  Here is a picture of you when you were first born and one taken on your birthday.

You have developed quite the personality over the last year.  You are very friendly and love attention.  You like to wave at strangers and babble to people you do not know.  Jackson and you are so so opposite.  It is always evident when we go out to eat or are at the grocery store and strangers come up and talk to the two of you. Jackson will stare them down with a skeptical glare and you will wave, smile, talk, blow kisses, or try and play peek a boo.   Yet at the same time together you two have the most wonderful time together.  Your brother can crack you up like no one else can.  You have started talking a lot.  It is funny because you really didn’t even babble until you were 8 months old.  Occasionally you would say a couple new syllables for 2 days and then nothing but dinosaur cries for a month.  Then around 8 months you started jabbering and never turned back.  You say, “No!” in a high pitched voice that sounds as though you are highly offended.  You point to anything you see and say, “Wha’s That!” Wha’s That!”  Some of your other words include, “this, Mama, Dada”  You are awesome at signing.  You can say, more, all done, thank you, please, help, and one you made up for when you want to be tickled 🙂  You like to sleep from about 7-7:30 and take a morning and afternoon nap.  You love food more than any child I have ever met.  Some of your favorites include, chicken, hot dogs, turkey, ham, black beans, corn, avocado, banana, watermelon, apple sauce, pancakes, bread, graham crackers and that is honestly just the tip of the iceberg.

Here is a quick summary of you over the last year 🙂

24 hours old

1 Month Old

2 Months Old

3 Months Old

4 Months Old

5 Months Old

6 Months Old

7 Months Old

8 Months Old

9 Months Old

10 Months Old

11 Months Old

1 Year OId!


11 months = 11 teeth
July 8, 2011, 7:03 pm
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Craziness!  Isabel’s 11th tooth broke through today.  It has just barley come through, so I’m sure she will still be suffy about it but nonetheless this little 11 month old has 11 teeth! front 8 (4 top, 4 bottom) and 3 of her 1 year molars.  I know I should have picked her up rather than snapped a picture with this pitiful face…but I opted for the latter of the two.

Also here are a couple of pictures my friend Astrid sent me from her daughter Tilly’s 1st birthday party.  This lady is one CRAFTY mamma!! You have to check out her blog!! Astrid’s Blog!