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Potty Training?!?!
November 10, 2010, 3:42 am
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Warning this may be TMI if you are not family! ¬†Blog about Potty Chairs and Pee Peeing and such ūüôā


Ok, I know…it sounds a little crazy. ¬†Jackson is just 20 months old. ¬†However about two months ago I saw a little peak of interest and my friends with older kids said to jump on it. ¬†Everyone I have talked to says that a lot of kids show an interest in potty training around 18 months and then not again until 2 1/2 -3. ¬†I decided to go ahead and get Jackson a little potty chair let him go a few hours a day with no diaper in his room while Isabel was napping I could supervise. ¬†Day 1- Horrible! Soo many accidents I had no expectations though and just decided to give it a couple days as long as he was happy about it and I wasn’t getting stressed. ¬†I did that for about 4 days and then just got too busy to keep up with it.

Over the last month he sometimes will want to go sit on it with his clothes on, or without a diaper, but never actually goes in it. ¬†I had 1 day that we sat on the porch and I took it out there and let him run around with no diaper and he went in it one time which we celebrated with “coo coo’s (animal crackers) ¬†followed by him being very upset that he couldnt make himself go again when he wanted more animal crackers.

Fast forward to this weekend. ¬†Jackson told me he was “all done” at breakfast and then said “potty!” ¬†I took him to sit on it and he peed! ¬†I was so shocked. ¬†This happened again that night. ¬†Then a couple days later I took him to sit on it 3 times and he peed twice. ¬†I do not know much about potty training, but I decided I would go out today and get him some little boy undies to wear around while Isabel was napping and I could keep a close eye on him. ¬†Jackson did so so great! ¬†He ended up wearing them from 3:30-bed time. ¬†He peed in his potty probably 15 times, demanding Fruit Nack! and Ticker! every time (fruit snack and a sticker) ¬†Dont get me wrong, there were PLENTY of accidents and of the 6 pairs of underwear I bought him today 5 of them are currently being washed haha. ¬†However any time he would have a little accident he would say Uh Oh! and try to run to the potty. ¬†By bed time he was taking off to his potty chair all on his own. ¬†I am so surprised. ¬†Who knows how tomorrow will go, but today was a¬†success¬†in my book. ¬†My goal is to take all of it with a light hearted attitude and not take on more than I can handle. ¬†Now for some pictures that will make him so¬†embarrassed¬†of me when he gets to high school ūüôā

Some Bathroom Reading

He wasnt too sure at first and even asked me to put his diaper back on...but later he wanted to wear them again.

Pair #3

And I got Jackson to be a model for me for a new item in my Etsy Shop!


On the note of models…I need some mother daughter apron models! ¬†I would love it if anyone would want to let me take pictures of you and your daughter in my aprons so I can have pictures of my aprons on people. ¬†Let me know if you are interested.

And of course..I couldnt leave you without a few pics of our sweet Baby Isabel whom I have nicknamed “The Tank”

Check out who can hold her head up!

This is the face the greats me and Michael when we go to get her from her crib!

such a happy baby