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A fascination with buttons
February 16, 2010, 4:39 pm
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2 posts back to back!  Am I good or what…

I took some cute pics of you the other day Jackson looking through your book Corduroy.  I am convinced that your love for this book is soley tied to the common ground you and Corduroy share in your desire to pull off buttons and have them for your own.


New things every day
February 16, 2010, 2:24 am
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Jackson, you are doing so many new things every day I can hardly keep up with you! I thought I would jot a couple down so I keep record of it all.

Feb 1st you took your first steps

You can sign more, all done, food, and milk

You say Pease (Please), Booo (peek-a-boo), Foo (food), Mama, Dada, Baw (ball), Bye, Baabe (Baby)

You have 7 teeth coming in all at varying stages which is very funny to see when you smile and laugh

You LOVE playing chase with daddy.  Sometimes when you just see him come in the door you squeal and take off the other direction

You love milk more that anyone I have ever met, and you drink soy milk because for now you are allergic to regular milk

You sleep great, 7:45-7:45 with about 3 hours of napping during the day.

You like to hide behind things and barley poke your head out and say booo really soft and drawn out

We tried over and over to get you to sign please before we picked you up the other day and finally you just looked at us and said “pease” clear as day!