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Happy Birthday Jackson!
February 28, 2011, 2:32 am
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Jackson is 2 years old!  So so strange to think about.  We had a party with the kids from our small group that he plays with every week.  It was a pajama party where we served up some blue berry waffles of which Jackson ate about 3 adult sized waffles!  Oh well it could have been something worse for him right!

Jackson,  I want to remember so many things you are doing and learning right now. I will do my best to write things down here so that we can always look back and remember. You are so curious and studious right now.  You love to learn. You are so sweet with your friends, Isabel, and all of your stuffed animals.  I can tell you have a gentle spirit, and love to see others happy.  You know many colors, Red, Yellow, Blue, Frog (green), White, Purple, Pink, Orange, Brown and Black!  You can count to 10 except you will leave out 7 every single time.  You know lots of animals, even a peacock!  You love “Ooo Ahhs” aka monkeys. You can say your ABC’s with a reminder here and there of the letters F, P, W, You seem to be coming out of some separation anxiety you  started to get when Baby Girl was born.  Speaking of Baby Girl…you have caused me and daddy to call her by that name way more than the word Isabel is ever spoken in this house.  You hate when she is upset and you ALWAYS let me know when it’s time for her to go night night.  Example:  Yesterday I held her while I let you swing.  Then I asked if we should give her a turn to which you replied, “No tank two” (no thank you)  When I said we should probably share with her, you told me it was time for her to go night night 🙂  You know some fun shapes like Oval, and Triangle, and thanks to a new puzzle from Nane and Poppy Octagon!  You have been in big boy underwear while we are at home, and sometimes on outings since the beginning of January!  We still have some accidents but they are getting fewer and farer between.  You sleep with your blanket, Gugu and Ohh Ahh every night and nap, and the week you turned two you said Bye, Bye to all of your pacis!  You put them all in a jar and told them Bye Bye and we went to the store and you helped me pick out a new pillow with a striped green and blue pillow case 🙂  So far you haven’t really napped but you are so tired by bed time that you go to sleep with out a peep.  You like to blow mommy, daddy and Baby Girl kisses, and you ask for big and small hugs all through out the day.  (I asked if you wanted a big hug and made my arms really wide, or a small hug and made my hands really close together one day when you were pouting and ever since you have thought it was the greatest thing and ask for them probably 20 times a day) You are getting so big and we love you so so much.  I cannot wait to see all the things you will do and learn through this next year.


Selah has a younger sibling just like you, and she is great and helping out.

Selah masters the slide

Nana and Poppy came too

And Nana helped keep Baby Girl happy

Mommy with the birthday boy

Aunt Kristen came all the way from Dallas! She brought you a sweet Cars soccer ball and a golf club from Lucas 🙂


And you DO have a friend your age that is a Boy! Eli 🙂


Fi played with your fire truck


You gave Fi your first valentine a few weeks before this

Eli's little brother, Ezra...he didn't even mind laying in the rocks

Ewan came too!

Eli saying hi to the camera

And Daddy helped you open some presents!


Eco Friendly Reusable Tote Tutorial

I have not done a tutorial in a little while, and I have been meaning to put this one up since Christmas!   This is the same type of bag you can buy at the grocery store as a reusable grocery bag, but surprisingly you can get the fabric for super cheap at Joann Fabric, $2.99/yard, and probably other places as well.  They actually have some really cute prints too.

I decided to make all of the girls in the family bags to put their Christmas presents in and then they could use it later to carry things in.  Another plus is that when you make your own you can make them any size you want.

Skill Level :I would consider this a beginners sewing project.  It is easy, fast, inexpensive and the end product will look great!
Cost: >$5.00
Materials: A yard of Utility bag fabric, such as this, coordinating thread, basic sewing supplies) scissors, pins, sewing machine
First cut out a rectangular piece of fabric roughly 4-5 inches taller than you would want your bag to stand when open.  I was making a large bag so I did about 25 inches. My piece of fabric was about 22 inches wide when folded in half.   A good length for an average grocery tote would be about 18 inches tall and 16 inches wide (folded).
For the straps I cut two 4 inch wide 25 inch long strips.
**Note:  My sewing techniques can be a little bit like that cook you know who says to just put a little of this, a handful of this, pinch of  this etc.   Please let me know if something isnt clear, and I would be more than happy to clarify 🙂

Next you will want to sew your straps.  Simply fold the 4″ by 25″ piece in half long ways creating a 2″ by 25″ strip.  Then tuck the open edges under both facing inside pin and sew a straight line down the edge of your straps.

If you use the utility fabric it folds and stays in place making it very easy to work with.

Next lay your large piece of fabric (that will be the body of the bag) open making sure your fabric is the right direction if yours has a print on it.   Fold the top edge of the bag down about 1 inch and then fold it down again.

Pin your straps on with the raw edge turned under the fold in your fabric.

You will also want to pin your straps in place before you sew down the top edge.  I placed the outside edge of the first strap 7″ in and the outside edge of the other end of the strap another 7 inches in.  To make sure your straps will line up with one another fold your bag in half long ways and put the opposite strap in the same position on the other side of the fabric.  Then tuck your strap ends under your hem and fold them upright as shown in the picture above.

Then sew a straight line all of the way across.

One your straps are sewn on simply fold your bag in half with the printed side of the fabric facing in.

You will then sew a straight line across the bottom and the open side leaving only the top open.

Once this is complete your bag should look like this.

Getting Closer!

Once we are done we will flip the bag right side out 🙂

The next step is super easy and end up creating a flat base for the bag that lets in stand upright.  All you do is fold both sides in about 2-3 inches. (The further in you fold the sides the more square the base will sit rather than rectangular.) Pin the sides down and sew a second straight line across the bottom of the bag.

fold both sides in.

Your bag should look like this.

Sew the second line across the base.

Believe it or not…You are DONE!  All that is left to do is to turn your bag right side out. 🙂

Here is the finished product next to an apron I made for my brothers girlfriend Rachel for Christmas. It can be fun to try and find fabric to match the gifts you are giving.

Add a cute tag and some tissue and you have yourself a DIY gift bag

I hope you find this helpful and give this tutorial a try.  If you do then please let me know!  I would love to have some feedback on how it turns out.

a smaller version

And another fun fabric.