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Crayon Roll Up Tutorial
September 30, 2010, 7:38 pm
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I just started making a few of these in my shop and I thought I would try to do a tutorial on how to make one!


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I started making these because I have lots of cute scraps of material I just couldn’t bring myself to part with.  I knew I would think of something down the road to make with them, and this is what I decided on 🙂

You can make these any length that you would like to hold more or less crayons.




Supplies needed:

  • 3 small pieces of coordinating fabric 2 measuring 7″ by 11″ and 1 measuring 5″ by 11″
  • 1 ribbon 16″ in length
  • 2 small pieces of interfacing 9″ by 5″ and 3″ by 5″
  • 7 crayons
  • scissors
  • pins
  • a basic sewing machine
  • coordinating thread
  • iron and ironing board

Iron your large piece of interfacing onto your fabric that you would like to be on the inside of your crayon roll up.  Be sure to iron your interfacing onto the wrong side of your fabric aka the back side) Also iron your small piece of interfacing onto your small piece of fabric.


Put the interfacing in the middle of your fabric when ironing on


Next take your smallest piece of fabric and fold down the top piece and iron.  You will then sew a seam straight across the top of it.  ( be sure to do this before you attach it to any other fabric.


fold and iron



then sew your seam


After you have done that you will put your larger piece of fabric that is going to be the inside of your crayon roll up with the small piece that we just sewed the seam for. You want the bottom of each of the interfacing to be lined up.  The right sides of the fabric should both be facing up.  You will then sew “pockets” onto them for your crayons.


Make sure your edges are all lined up and start your first line a tiny bit further than an inch in


Be sure to only sew up to the top of the small piece of fabric so you don’t have random stitches on your back fabric. You will want to continue making straight lines up and down the fabric about an inch apart until you have sewn 6 lines.  I use my finger as a rough estimate for an inch.


A little trick I learned in second grade


Once you have your six lines completed you are ready to attach the back piece of fabric.


Place your fabrics with wrong sides facing each other and right sides facing out


Then you want to fold, tuck inside and iron your excess fabric to make sure everything is lined up to the same size.


lining things up


You will also want to attach your ribbon during this step.  Fold your ribbon in half so it creates two 8″ pieces and place it in between the two fabrics as shown.

Now you will just need to sew a rectangle around all of your edges to finish your project.
And TaDa!!

I hope that made sense 🙂  If not then you can give me a little slack since it’s my first one and just ask questions on anything that wasn’t clear.


A visit to Nana and Poppys
September 22, 2010, 2:01 am
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Michael had a gig this weekend with his former band mates, Clairmont. I wish I had time for a written update on life..but for now all I have time for is pictures.  We went down and stayed at Michaels parents and I got some fun pictures of the little ones with Katie’s camera.

She likes the swing as long as it is not moving

Uh oh!

Jackson had a cold, but it didn't keep him from having a great time

Fun for Jackson...not for Mommy



Sweet Isabel

Jacksons friends are always by his side...Guggles, and Banket


All Grins
September 3, 2010, 7:54 pm
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So I already posted this on facebook, but it is just too cute not blog about. Isabel’s first smile on camera.  She is soo soo beautiful when she smiles!  I think she might actually have my mouth and Michaels eyes which is funny because Jackson defintely has my eyes and Michaels mouth.  It’s hard to tell for sure but thats what I am thinking. I do know that both our kiddos have my dimple 🙂

What a sweetheart!

Here's Jacksons first smile on camera