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I need to buy stock in Almonds :)
September 6, 2011, 2:53 am
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With both of our kids having a milk allergy we go through almond milk like nobody’s business.  I also recently found some almond butter that went over as a big hit.

signing more

When all the food runs out

Also speaking of butter, if you need a milk free butter this is a great one! I found some others online, but none of them were available in our grocery store. You have to buy the light kind though. The regular one has Whey.






Steele Family Update

A lot has been going on for us and not a lot of time to blog about it.

Isabel is 9 months old!  I can’t believe it.  It is really flying by even  faster than Jackson’s first year.

Oh and she can read...

Sitting Pretty

Weight: 16lbs 14oz. 25th percentile.  Can you believe that?!?  She used to be so big and now she is so tiny.  It is definitely not due to a lack of love for Cheerios.  She can put those away FAST.  Length: 28 1/2 inches long 90th percentile so still pretty tall for her age.

She loves mirrors

She sleeps from about 6:30-7:30 and takes a morning and afternoon nap that combine to about another 4-5 hours of sleep.  What can I say the girl likes her rest.  She has some major arm muscles and can army crawl around really fast.  She is sitting good really good.  She just started rocking back and forth on her knees and forearms so I think she might be full out crawling soon. I don’t think I am ready though!  We have lots of little steps up and down from room to room in our house and she has figured out how to pull herself up them.  She sleeps with a paci, white noise machine and a soft pink blanket.  She is really good about falling right to sleep as long as she has those things.

We did find out that she is allergic to milk just like Jackson, and possibly something else too…the jury’s still out on that one.  I am still nursing so I am currently attempting a milk free diet to see what effect that has.  If you have a child with allergies, or have advice on it I would love to hear it.  Jackson has a milk allergy too but hers seems a lot worse.  She wants table food so so bad, but I have to be so careful about what I give her especially since she seems to have a second allergy that we are unsure of for now.  Also Isabel also can now say Da Da, wave to you, sign more, all done, and milk!

Having fun with some paints

We went on a fire station tour. He LOVED it

Jackson is so much fun to be around these days.  He is talking so much and learning new things like crazy.  I love the stuff he comes up with when he is telling me stories.  He loves his “Baby Girl” (Isabel) very much and like to make sure she gets food, rest, and diaper changes.  If he thinks she needs one of those things he is sure to let me know.  He usually says something like, “Baby Girl LIKE food!” , “Baby Girl, night night.”  or “Baby Girl need change”  He likes to hide toys around the house in very obvious places and run up to me and ask me where it went.  I humor him by asking if it is places I know it  is not to which he responds, “NOOOO, hehe” Then I finally give up and he will laugh and show me.  So sweet! He is doing pretty well in his big boy underwear and only wears a pull up at night and at naps.  He loves baths so much and him and Isabel got to take a bath at the same time the other night and had a blast!  We tried it earlier on but she has hated baths up until the last month or so.  They had a lot of fun laughing and splashing one another.  Another sweet thing he does is pronounces all K’s with T’s. So instead of things like, milk, take, make, he says milt, tate, and mate. He can make a K noise, but just seems to prefer the T sound in those words 🙂  He loves being outside and playing on the porch.  He also loves books so much.  He will bring me books all day to read to him.  He just got a new one from his Nana called “Go,  Dog, Go”  I highly recommend it.  It is really simple and to the point just describing the dogs on each page but he cannot get enough of it.  He wants it every nap and every night.  He is singing songs now and by songs I mean, Twinkle, Twinkle, Jesus Loves me, and Old McDonald Had a Farm.  All that to say he is so great and I can’t get enough of him.

Enjoying one of his favorite foods

Jackson and me!

I am sewing more and more these days and just started sewing some baby clothes for Isabel!  They are turning out so sweet.  I definitely see me doing more of this in the days to come.  I am still doing my etsyand love having a creative outlet to re charge and have a little me time.  Here are a few pics to show that I do make time to sew things for my own children occasionally.

An outfit I made for Isabel

Some serious ruffles!

I love the little bloomers the most

Tool belt I made for Jackson

my tags 🙂

I surprised him with it when he woke up from his nap and he loved it. He couldn't wait to fill it with his tools.

A dress and the bloomers (before elastic) I made for Isabel to wear at Kevin's rehearsal dinner.

After I finally got some elastic for the waist and legs.

The closest I got to a picture of it on her.

Pillow cover for Jackson to go with the quilt I am making him.

These are really easy to make and would be great if you have pillow that you want to change up a bit. It just slips right over.

Being a mom of two little ones is a lot of work and keeps me very busy but every day I am seeing more and more “normalcy”  or I guess I am just adjusting more and more to my new normal.  A couple days a week I hang out with some other moms with little ones at our church and love the time that Jackson gets to spend with his little friends.  It is great to see them playing together more and more.

I got a little cut off in this one, but it was too cute of Isabel

Michael probably has the biggest news of all of us…he put in his 2 week notice a little over a week ago!!  Ahh!  🙂  He is going full time along with one of our very close friends into their own business of graphic design and web development.

My men looking good!

His website is http://brightagency.net/.  You definitely need to check it out.  A few people have asked me how I feel about him quitting his job and going into business for himself and my honest answer is I am so thrilled, and happy for him and our family.  I believe in him so much and he has a really great talent for this type of thing.  I know it sounds strange but I always felt like I was going to marry someone that didn’t have a normal 8-5 job.  I wasn’t sure what that would look like, but I knew it was going to be something more of an adventure.  We are super excited to see where this goes and have felt God’s blessing on everything so so much through the whole process.  So if you are needing a new logo, some brand work done, or a website…I think I have the guy for you 🙂

Daddy and Baby Girl

As you can see we are so so blessed and so so busy!