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Isabel Turns 4 Months Old
December 18, 2010, 4:43 am
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Well this is pretty late, but that’s typically how things go now days.  Isabel turned 4 months old over Thanksgiving break.

Weight : 18 lbs 1 oz!! Still off the charts.  Avg size of an 8 month old 🙂

Length: 26 1/2 ” Off the Charts and the avg size of a 7 month old.  (First the nurse said 27 1/2, the Dr didn’t think that was right remeasured and said 26, I was not in the room either time because every 5 seconds Jackson asked me to take him to the potty…sigh).  I decided to measure myself and it came out 26 1/2  and I’m pretty certain that was accurate.

You are still living up to your nick name “The Tank” quite well.   Here you are 2 weeks old and 4 months old.

Some things :

  • You can blow a “raspberry” Which you LOVE to do!  Even in the middle of crying you will stop, stick you tongue out and BLUUUUU!! 
  • You can grab your toes!
  • You are loving your thumb more and more every day. I give you a rubbery pacifier to chew on but it’s pretty much just a teething toy to you
  • You have 2 teeth 
  • You can have quite the attitude!  You let out a little girly scream more often than an actual cry.
  • You started sleeping through the night again!  (the entire 3rd month you decided you wanted to start getting up a bunch again) 
  • You got sick for the first time  Jackson and you both currently have tonsillitis. You are still in great spirits though.
  • You are rolling over both directions and turning every which way in your crib. This is how I found you the other morning. 
  • You love seeing Mommy, Daddy and Jackson.  You are all grins every time you make eye contact with one of us. 
  • You still have some tummy trouble, but it is a million times better than even just a month ago.
  • You giggle and sometimes even snort!

Sorry if the quality on some of these are bad.  Some of them are just pictures off of my phone, because that’s what I usually have with me for a quick snap!

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