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Update from the Steele house
August 16, 2010, 8:10 pm
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So…both my little chickadees are napping, and instead of napping myself like I probably should I decided to blog 🙂  This just seems like the easiest way for me to keep up with everything and document what Jackson and Isabel are doing.

Tummy Time on a blanket your Nina made for you

Hello World! Who do you think I look like???

Isabel you are such a little Joy!  You  just seem to want to eat and sleep all day.   I am ready for you to have your eyes open a little more so that you can start taking in everything around you.  I also forgot how little head control newborns have haha. You are pretty good at holding your head up for a few seconds and turning it from one side to the other during tummy time.  I am doing my best to make sure I dont just let your head flop from side to side!  (Sorry Isabel!) You are growing so much right now.  We had your two week appt last Monday and you were 12lbs 22 3/4 inches long!!  The Dr said thats the average weight of a 3 month old and length of a 2 month old.  Needless to say your 0-3 month clothes are getting pretty snug and you are already in size 2 diapers at not even a month old.

Sweet Dreams

We were very lucky with your big brother Jackson because he was a great sleeper, and so far you are too.  You wake up a couple of times during the night, but all you want to do is eat really fast and immediately be laid back down.  Last night was the longest you have slept.  You only woke up once between 9:30 and 7:30!  Not bad Isabel.

On a side note, I hate when the first thing people ask you when you have a small baby is…”So are they sleeping through the night yet?!?”  It makes you feel like you are doing something wrong, or you have a hard baby if they aren’t.  Maybe they just dont know what else to say I am not sure.  But when someone asks you if a 2 1/2 week old is sleeping though the night I kind of want to say yes and let them know that she is also changing her own diapers.

Jackson and Isabel with their great Maw Maw

Road Block!!

I love watching you eat

This is one of my favorite faces you make

What a cutie

Jackson- You are being such an amazing big brother!!  I was really worried how you would handle a new baby in the home, but you have done great.  You seem to love you little sister so much.  You love giving her kisses on her head and playing with her toes.  When she cries you are very concerned and adamantly yell to me, “PACI! PACI!” (pacifier) As soon as I give it to her and she stops crying you smile and giggle in delight.  If you hear her make noises while you are in another room you yell, “Baby!” and run to find her.

Other than being a big brother you are talking alll the time.  (as long as you are at the house or around people you know well)  You are still pretty shy around people you dont know well, but I can tell that you are getting more comfortable around others.  Your friend Fi (Fiona)  taught you something that may be your favorite thing in the world right now.  Fist Pounds!

People will try to give you a high five and you just stick out your fist.  Once they fist pound you back you point your fist one at a time to every other person in the room and hold it there until they comply.  This tends to get a bit tricky every time you get to Isabel, but we will raise her little fist in the air while she sleeps and you march right over to it and pound it.  I really need to get it on camera.

You love love love books.  You like to “read” them in the car, and its so fun to hear you turning pages and making up words, laughing and acting surprised at certain parts…its quite entertaining.  Your favorite book right now is, Caps For Sale.  You will go in your room and find it bring it back out and wave your finger and stomp your foot saying Tsz! Tsz! Tsz!  Just like the monkeys in the book.  

I am still on “vacation” from my Etsy shop, but I do plan to pick it back up as soon as I have their schedules down a little better.

I am loving being a mom of 2 and it has been a much easier transition than I anticipated.  I forgot how much newborns sleep!  We still have our moments of insanity like last week when Jackson decided it would be fun to put toys in the toilet while I was stuck changing Isabel’s diaper.  When I walked into the bath room and saw him standing there I said, “No Jackson, we don’t play with the toilet”, and he just stood there looking sad signing help over and over.  I immediately realized he wanted me to help get something out of the toilet and sure enough when I raised the lid 2 little red play cups were floating inside.  Ekk!  At least I had cleaned the toilet the day before hah.

Michaels staying busy with A&M and his graphic design work.  Fantasy football is right around the corner and thats always an exciting time for the guys at our church. 🙂  If only I could bring myself to get more interested.  I have definitely improved since we first started dating, and I am always one that can appreciate making something that I am indifferent towards into a game, so who knows maybe by next year I will be brewing up a draft of my own…

Well thats all for now, maybe I will try to actually get ready while they are both still napping!  Or more likely one of them will wake up as soon as I stand up to get ready.

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Great Post!! What a wonderful update on your little family. Love you all.

Comment by Aunt Lori

Love hearing all about the kids. As I always say enjoy every minute of them, they grow up so quickly.
Love you

Comment by Nina

I am so glad you are blogging again! Love to hear how you feel about your beautiful children because it brings me back to how I felt about mine. Wonderful! Keep it up!

Comment by Nana

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