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Trying to remember it all
June 22, 2010, 3:20 pm
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So lately I keep saying over and over, “I need to write all of this stuff down before I forget!”  Jackson is doing so many fun things and changing constantly so I am making myself sit down and write about it before I start forgetting.

You tend to talk non stop at home, but get a little shy when we go out.  Here are some of the words you like to say.

Food and Drink:

Mi! Mi! Mi! – Milk

Jew – Juice

Waa – Water

Coo koo – Animal Crackers

Peates – Peaches

Cado – Avacado

Ticken – Chicken

Tayto- Sweet Potatoe

Baa – Apple

Ki – Kix

Fi – Fish Sticks

Cacka – Cracker


OwSide – Outside

Wing – Swing

Ball – Ball

Nano – Piano

Gugle – Snuggles your Bear

Pati – Pacifier

Peys – Please

Coo Coo Coo – Scoot Scoot Scoot, (said while sitting down on a step trying to scoot towards the edge)

Dow – Down

Uh – Up

Nose – Nose

Buttah – Belly Button or any kind of Button

Eye – Eye

Shoe – Shoe

Bat – Bath

Boo – Said to surprise/ scare people

Noooo – said very slowly and drawn out with eyes squinted. You say this when you see an outlet.  You point to it and say “nooooo” haha, also you are starting to say it to just about anything, but I think its the cutest when you point to something we have taught you not to touch and you say it.

Daw – Dog

Ight! – Light switch or fixture 🙂

Beea – Bird


Mum Ma – Me 🙂

Dada – Daddy

Pa Pa! – My Dad – almost always shouted 🙂

Nina – My Mom

Poppy – Michaels Dad

Nana – Michaels Mom

Fi or Nona – Fiona a little girl you play with that is about 6 months older than you.

Last year at Wimberly

This year at Wimberly

New Things:

You are getting in both of your top 1 year molars bringing your teeth count to 10!  4 bottom, 6 on top.

You are getting very fast at walking, almost a walk/run

You still love milk soooo much.  I dont think you like the idea of sipping on a sippy cup.  You just sit with it and chug until its gone.

You want to be outside or go down stairs any chance you can get.

You still love to laugh at lots of stuff including playing peek a boo, being tickled and us trying to steal some kisses from you.

Wimberly 2009

You are getting so big!  And in about 3 weeks (give or take)  you will be a big brother!!!

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Some how I missed this until now. This is so sweet. I need to write down Lilly’s pronunciation for her words also. That is a great idea.

Comment by Aunt Lori

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