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August 6, 2009, 1:21 am
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So over the last 2 summer months our church did summer seminars.  It was very fun and a chance to learn about some new things.  For the month of July I joined a photography and worship seminar that Ari hosted.  We did some really cool stuff over the course of July and I thought I might share the pics I did from last week because they came out pretty cool.  One of our assignments was to try and express something about God through your pictures (an idea, bible verse, something you are going through etc)

Anywho I thought about it alot and Michael encouraged me to try and do something that I am going through right now.  The more I thought about it the more and more I wanted my pictures to be a visual reminder of the blessings that God has poured down on me right now in my life.  I wanted to take pictures that I could get printed and put up in our home and always have something to visually remind me that the Lord is good, he is for me and my family, and that right now in 2009 he is pouring out blessings on me like a shower of rain.

I am constantly amazed throughout my day at the way God shows me his love for me through my husband Michael and baby Jackson. When I think of Michael I think of a strong huge tree that reaches far up to the sky and branches out shade that God has put into my life to protect me, love me, and provide for me.  He is so much more than the man I married, and I am constantly blown away at the love he has for Christ, me, his family, and the people around him.  Then I think of baby Jackson, and I feel so blessed at the new life that is so sweet, curious, and full of love for me.  I feel so so blessed with these two men that God has blessed my life with!  I know that our family will go through difficult times and that at times I will doubt that all of my blessing are blessings at all.  But I wanted to take these pictures and be able to look at them during those times and remember that the Lord is good, and I should be thankful for all he has given me.





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I missed on Sunday so I wasn’t able to see these. They are really great! Good job!!

Comment by Bethany

Those pictures are so cool. You captured God’s overflowing love. When I read things like this at work it is kind of embarrassing when my eyes tear up and people walk in, but I love reading things like that.

Comment by Mom

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