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Exit Interview
April 27, 2009, 8:37 pm
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Well, today was officially my last day of work!  My maternity leave was due to end today, but two weeks ago I gave notice that I am going to be staying at home!  I feel sooo blessed to be able to stay home. It just feels like a huge relief to have my job behind me.  My friend Rachel and I have worked for CCMS since November 07.  We started within a week of each other along with an entire new staff.  Everone before us quit at once and when we started Temps were pretty much running the show.  Rachel and me went to lunch today after my exit interview and counted how many other emplyees have come and gone during our year and a half working there, and the final # is 26!!!  That probably doesnt sound great but when you realize that there are only currently 7 positions and 2 of those were mine and Rachels it means that out of 5 positions 26 people came and went over a year and a half.  We went through 7 case managers, 7 temps, 5 financial management specialist, 4 directors, and 3 receptionist.  Yikes!  My friend B-rock actually accepted my old job, so I dont want to make it out to be horrible or anything, because I really think I enjoyed alot of things about it like the type of work I was doing, getting to know my clients, working with numbers (which I never thought I would enjoy) and most of my co workers 🙂  The thing that made the turnover so high is that they have 7 positions for the work load of about 15.  But enough about that!!! I now get to spend my days with this guy….p4170669


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Comment by kathryn

It is pretty awesome that y’all are so blessed and you get to stay at home, Terri. Pretty neat seeing how much you love being a mom, and a good one you are!

Comment by Jen B.

I love it that you are able to stay at home with Jackson and that you are being so creative with your time! I am thankful I was always blessed to get to do that. I know Jackson will love getting all of his one on one time with his Mommy.

Comment by Mom

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