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April 23, 2009, 7:35 pm
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😦 sad day! Yesterday Jackson went to get his 2 month shots.  I think thats one of the saddest things I have seen!  He was so great at the appt.  he was smiling at the Dr and nurses, and cooing at them.  He didnt cry during any of the weighing or measuring or inspecting, but then…the shots.  They put him on a little table and had me stand next to him and talk to him.  So there he is lookin up at me smiling and enjoying himself when BAM they give him the first shot in his leg.  His cute little face suddenly turns to one of shock and pain.  It was like Oww! Mommy why did you let that happen to me!! Then BAM BAM two more, and he was done.   I gave him some grape baby tylenol when we got home which he gobbeled right up.  It was the first thing he has tasted besides milk.  He did great overall, but he was alot more cranky than usual in the evening.  I have a few pics from after his appt with his little band aid.

So pitiful!

So pitiful!

However even with his scary shots he was still happy when I played with him.  Here are a couple more fun pics from after his appt. p42306781



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from pitiful to adorable, nice work on teaching him to emote. and great job capturing said ’emotions.’ i like you guys, and your son!

Comment by andrewkilzer

Believe me this won’t be the last time you will have to let him experience some pain for his good. I know it’s hard when you feel you are suppose to be the one who protects him and keep bad things from happening. At least he is too young to remember this and by now the pain is gone. I love you are a GREAT MOM!!!

Comment by Mom

What a big boy! With such a big smile!! Precious pictures, Terri.

Comment by Nana Steele

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