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Getting Crafty!
April 3, 2009, 9:47 pm
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I have always loved making things .  Even as a young kid I liked to look at things and then try and make them myself.  I remember getting my mom to teach me how to use the sewing machine one summer and then me and her making all my outfits for my four day summer camp.  One problem is that I don’t like to read patterns.  This can be good at times and awful at others.  My college roomates and Michael can attest to that with my blue and white knitted sweater that turned out looking like a cousin to big bird.  But over all I think its a good thing.  It was really fun during my pregnancy because I learned about so many new gizmos and gadgets that moms and babies use, and they are so fun to make!  So a couple of people pointed me to a site http://www.etsy.com where you can sell all things hand made.  I got quite inspired today and bought some new fabric and I am going to be making some new creations to put on etsy! I looked through some of the pictures I have taken of other things I have made and here are a few examples.


Pre Jackson, this was the closest thing I had to a baby 🙂

He's even cuter than the monkey!

He's even cuter than the monkey!

Some baby beanies
A slip cover for the boppy

A slip cover for the boppy

Some non baby items...cushions and pillows for the window seat

Some non baby items...cushions and pillows for the window seat

I am excited about having something to do during the day while little Jackson does a whole lot of this…


I will keep you all updated on my latest creations.


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Terri, I love your blog!! I’ve started one, but so far I haven’t even made one post!! Sad, I know. I can hardly wait to meet Jackson. I love his pictures. I’ve become a fan of Etsy as well. (I’m into “Junk” and Gardening blogs and things made from “Junk”) As soon as I get my blog “realy” going, I’ll link it for you. Glad to have a site to keep up w/ you!! Great first blogs!! Aunt Betsy

Comment by Betsy

Hey Aunt Betsy! I’m so glad you visited my new blog! I would love to read yours once you get it rolling. I love the etsy site too. I haven’t checked out the gardening stuff yet, but I am sure I would love it! Let me know when you get your blog up so I can start reading.

Comment by tdsteele

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